2013 NBA Draft: Sixers Big Board

Draft time! It’s enough to get me off of Twitter to write more than 140 characters. It’s an interesting draft for the Sixers. There is no big talent at the top, but the Sixers, and their new radio-silent analytics-loving GM, have 3 picks in the top 42. Sam Hinkie showed that he could find diamonds … Read more

The Philly Fifty, #23: Eddie Plank, Athletics

For the complete list and explanation of criteria and scoring, check out the Philly Fifty page Longevity – 5 The pitcher who has thrown the most innings professionally in Philadelphia? It’s not Robin Roberts (3,739 IP), but lefty Eddie Plank, who threw 14 straight seasons for the A’s from 1901-1914, and averaged an amazing 276 innings … Read more

What the Sixers Big Board Should Look Like

Well, I enjoyed doing this for the Eagles so here I go for the Sixers. The basic exercise is to put together what I think the Sixers’ big board should look like, based on my assessment of the talent in the draft and the needs on the team. Then I watch the draft and get super-pissed … Read more

The last-place Phillies through the quarter mark

The Phillies season, despite what you may think, has gone about as expected… Without Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, the offense has been inconsistent (yet, still 7th in the NL in R/G). The starters, for the most part, have been excellent, with a combined 2.90 ERA in 260.2 IP. The bullpen, which was a question mark after … Read more

My Eagles 1st Round Draft Board

The Eagles hold the 15th pick in tonight’s NFL draft. Almost everything, except the top-2 picks, is in play, and the Birds have stated, as they always do, that they will go with the best player available on their board. Well, this is how I think their board should look, based on player talent and … Read more