My Eagles 1st Round Draft Board

The Eagles hold the 15th pick in tonight’s NFL draft. Almost everything, except the top-2 picks, is in play, and the Birds have stated, as they always do, that they will go with the best player available on their board. Well, this is how I think their board should look, based on player talent and … Read more

WTF Eagles

Frank Gore

The “dream team” is now the 1-3 and the season is seriously in jeopardy of becoming a debacle. I have so many things to vent and talk about. I am sure you do too, which is the sole purpose of this post. VENT! YELL! Get it all out. I am writing a post that will … Read more

The Philly Fifty, #41: Pete Pihos, Eagles

For the complete list and explanation of criteria and scoring, check out the Philly Fifty page “Pete could play any position on the team better than the person we had playing it — in fact, in most cases better than anyone else in the country.” – Indiana University Coach, Bo McMillan Longevity – 4 Pihos spent … Read more

Sizing up the Birds after Week 1 win

It didn’t feel like a dominant effort – but the score indicated it was. Either way, it was a great start to the season for the Eagles, as they beat the playoff-hopeful Rams on the road 31-13. Here is my take on the game – I’m going to go through each group… QB – Vick made … Read more