Michael Jordan Back on the Court – Can He Still Play?

With the abundance of sports news reported everyday, one of the biggest, most talked about headlines was a 44-year-old NBA owner participating in practice with his team. It just so happens that owner was Michael Jordan. No, the greatest basketball player of all-time isn’t contemplating a return to the court. But MJ’s emergence from the … Read more

1-Year Anniversary of the A.I. Trade: Was it the “Answer”?

Allen Iverson doesn’t seem to think so: “If I was still in Philadelphia, I don’t think they would be in the predicament that they’re in right now,” Iverson said. “The way the East is, I would think that we would be right there in the hunt. . . . I look at (Philadelphia’s) games right … Read more

You’re the Sixers’ new GM – What would you do summer 2008?

I thought it only fitting that the first real post on the ReclinerGM Sports blog be related to big upcoming decisions for new Sixers’ GM – Ed Stefanski. So let me start by setting the stage… Fact: The Sixers will likely be the only team with enough cap space to be a major player for … Read more