What the Sixers Big Board Should Look Like

Well, I enjoyed doing this for the Eagles so here I go for the Sixers.

The basic exercise is to put together what I think the Sixers’ big board should look like, based on my assessment of the talent in the draft and the needs on the team. Then I watch the draft and get super-pissed when they don’t do what I said, as if I’m a professional scout or something.

That being said… ahem…

The Sixers are in a good position in the draft in that there looks to be a good player available at #15 at a position of need (SG, PF, C).

Personally, I would love to see the Sixers end up with a G and F/C in the draft that can replace Lou Williams and Spencer Hawes at a fraction of the cost. I think that’s possible – but more on that later. Let’s get the Big Board…

1. Anthony Davis, PF

No brainer. He was a game changer at the college level and has a good chance to be the same in the NBA.

2. Bradley Beal, SG

Lots of mystery about who might go #2, but I think this would be an easy pick for the Sixers. Beal is a pure off-the-ball shooter and scorer the team desperately needs. Could a package around Dre and the #15 get the Sixers up to 2? Probably not, but the Bobcats are shopping.

3. Thomas Robinson, PF

Tough choice here for me between T-Rob and Barnes, but T-Rob seems like the safer pick to me. He tested out as a very good athlete in the combine and is a very well-rounded player. Probably not quite an all-star, but could come in and replace Brand right away.

4. Harrison Barnes, SF

Never lived up to his high school billing, but he is a scorer and also tested as a super athlete at the combine. Could probably use some coaching up, but his upside is still considerable.

5. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, SF

This is one of those, “but then we trade Iguodala” picks. MKG brings a lot to the table, but not necessarily stuff we don’t have. He’s not a gifted scorer, but gives you pretty much everything else. For another team, I’d probably have him as high a #2.

6. Andre Drummond, C

He looked so horrible whenever I saw him play this year, it pains me to put him here. But we are still talking about a guy who is nearly 7 feet, 280 lbs and can do this.

The general consensus is that those are top-6 players in the draft. It’s certainly possible that they don’t go top-6, but there is no chance any of them fall to #15. Many of the remaining guys won’t last until #15, but it’s possible they will. 

7. John Henson, PF

I’ve been going back and forth here between Lamb and Henson and will probably continue to do so even though it’s unlikely either makes it to #15. I have Henson here because the Sixers are dying for an interior defensive presence and Henson can provide that. His 9’4” standing reach is outrageous. How much so? It’s 4 inches taller than Anthony Davis,  2.5 inches taller than Andre Drummond, 0.5 inches taller than Dwight Howard, the same as Greg Oden…OK I think you get it. Among PF and C prospects in our range, he has the most blks/36 by far (4.0) and highest Reb/36 (13.7).

8. Jeremy Lamb, SG

Originally, I had Lamb a little lower because he seemed too passive to me when I watched him play. But the fact of the matter is, with Jrue and ET as our primary ball handlers he could very well be the perfect compliment to them. He can shoot, and he measured out freakish at the combine. His 6’11 wingspan and 38 inch vert give him a vertical reach better than most PF and C prospects in the draft.

9. Tyler Zeller, PF/C

An incredibly safe pick. He measured out as a legit 7-footer, can score, shoot, rebound, block a few shots. He’s not going to be an all-star, but I would consider him an upgrade over Spencer Hawes. His Per/36 numbers for his senior were more well-rounded than any other PF/C prospect: 23.2 points, 55% FG, 81% FT, 13.6 reb, 2.2 blks.

10. Terrence Ross, SG

Similar to Lamb in that he is a good-sized SG that is super-athletic and can shoot it. Probably a safer pick than Lamb, but with less upside.

11. Dion Waiters, SG

A rising prospect who may not fit in with the Sixers as well as Ross or Lamb because he didn’t play off the ball much at Syracuse. He has drawn some comparisons to a poor-mans Dwyane Wade. It seems he has a promise in the lottery, so the Sixers would likely have to trade up.

12. Jared Sullinger, PF

If not for his medical “red flag” I’d still only have him at #10, so I don’t consider this a big drop. Teams will be scared off by that and by his really, really bad athletic testing but Sullinger makes up for it with some considerable skill. He can work in the post, but also shot 40% from 3 and 77% from the FT line. For a guy who looked certain to go Top-5 last year, and Top-10 this year, you couldn’t really argue with the Sixers taking a chance at #15.

13. Terrence Jones, PF

He can be a dominant force…when he wants to be. He disappeared a lot during Kentucky games this year, but when he was on, he was really good. He appears big enough to play PF in the NBA, and if the Sixers draft him, they would do well to do what they did with Thad and not allow him to shoot any more 3’s. John Hollinger’s draft rater has him as the 8th best prospect in the draft, and David Thorpe thinks he’d be the perfect fit for the Sixers.

14. Austin Rivers, SG

Tough to tell what he’s going to be after 1 year in school, but it seems like his ceiling is a Jason Terry type player. I would certainly take that over a Lou Williams type. He will likely be gone when the Sixers pick.

15. Perry Jones III, PF

This would be a pure upside pick. He’s an ultra-athletic player with a Kevin Garnett frame who appears to have about 1/10th of the desire that KG has. That being said, 6’11” skilled players with 39 inch verticals don’t come along often. In the mid-first, he might be worth seeing if Collins and co. can get through.

Theoretically – Jones is the “worst” case scenario for me since we pick at 15. I will shorten up my write-ups from here on out. 

16. Damian Lillard, PG – Might go as high as #6, but we don’t need a PG

17. Arnett Moultrie, PF – Big and athletic, but how can someone with a 12 ft vertical reach only average 0.9 blks per 36?

18. Andrew Nicholson, PF – I like this kid a lot. He has been compared to David West and I think that is dead on. He can really, really shoot it. Best FG% of any PF/C prospects in the Sixers range.

19. Kendall Marshall, PG – Seems to me he would make a quality back-up PG behind Jrue.

20. Quincy Miller, SF – A wild card like his teammate PJIII. Hollinger’s player rater has him as a major sleeper.

21. Royce White, PF – Too much of a point-forward for the Sixers at this time.

22. Evan Fournier, SG – Intriguing foreign SG prospect who is apparently a natural scorer.

23. Draymond Green, PF – Could be a very solid bench player. Does all the little things.

24. Fab Melo, C – Potentially dominant defensive force with almost no offensive game. Could be useful as a back-up center.

25. Meyers Leonard, C – I do. not. care. about. his. upside. 7’1”, white center, with so-so rebounding/blk numbers and a project on offense. I honestly can’t think of one player who fits this profile who succeeded in the NBA.

26. John Jenkins, SG – Shootah!

27. Doron Lamb, SG – Shootah!

28. Tony Wroten, PG – Project PG

29. Will Barton, SG – Could be a solid bench contributor

30. Jared Cunningham, SG – Ditto

2nd round looks…

Tyshawn Taylor, PG
Maalik Wayns, PG
Furkan Aldemir, PF
Drew Gordon, PF
Festus Ezeli, C
Miles Plumlee, C
Henry Sims, C

So what is an ideal draft for the Sixers?

Frankly, as long as they end up with someone in my top-15 I won’t be too upset. I think  9-15 on my board is pretty darn interchangeable and I’m sure I could be convinced to put them in almost any order.

My biggest fear in this off-season is that the Sixers re-sign Lou Williams, Spencer Hawes, or both. As I said earlier, I think they could replace both in this draft.

Let’s play around with one scenario that is particularly intriguing to me: trading Andre Igoudala for the #7 or #8 pick (and hopefully something else). The only sound rumor I’ve heard is Dre to the Raptors for #8, Ed Davis and Jose Calderon (to make the $$ work).

If they Sixers did that deal, they could use #8 to take either John Henson or Jeremy Lamb. Then, they could use #15 to fill the other need with either Tyler Zeller, Terrence Ross, Terrence Jones, or anyone who falls to that spot. Someone good will be there.

For the purpose of this exercise, let’s say the Sixers make that move with the Raptors. Then take John Henson at #8, and Terrence Ross at #15. If they stand relatively pat in the FA market (probably a good idea, not a great class) – they could go into the 2013-14 season with the following:

G – Jrue Holiday, 23
G – Evan Turner, 25
F – Thad Young, 25
F – John Henson, 22
C – Nik Vucevic, 23

Bench: Terrence Ross, 22 and Lavoy Allen, 24 and Ed Davis, 24

Oh, and ahem, a lot, a lot, a lot of cap room to go after someone like Blake Grffin.

I think the Sixers best plan right now is to collect young assets and manage the cap, which means they have to draft well and not sign stupid contracts. It might mean a step-back in 2012-13, but that’s better than living the rest of our lives in 7-9 seed hell.

I think the above scenario (or something like it) is best thing that could happen to this team long-term.

So any draft talk you have can go here – let me know what you think and who you want the Sixers to shoot for…

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    • I would think, my dearest bot that even rarer would be you finding posts on the internet with even greater infrequency, n’est’ ce pas?

  1. This is very beneficial information. Two things I like about the post, one it is straight forward and two it does not attempt to promote anyone’s position particularly. Another good post Pete.

  2. Fate works in strange ways.  It found me perhaps destined, perhaps coincidentally feeling like I travelled a short course this weekend as I did some channel flipping, and winding up feeling like Lou Gehrig maybe did on a July 4th night, circa 1939 when he informed the masses he considered himself the luckiest man on the face of the earth that particular day.

    On a much smaller scale, mind you, but of huge impact, that’s how I felt this weekend. 

    Even for my current favorite sport of baseball, even when I was at a minimum overly passionate about basketball, I’ve understood the value of Hall of Fame ceremonies, yet, at the same time, haven’t gone out of my way to watch them.  Considering an intense love for basketball that ran from around 1963 through the mid 70s, and was there to a lesser extent, but still pretty strong through the mid 90’s, it’s kind of amazing that the only Basketball HOF speech I recall ever seeing was Mike Jordan’s speech, and that was many, many months after the fact, via the magic of tape delay.

    But this weekend, I passed through NBA TV, and with the appeal of colorful Reggie Miller gaining induction, I figured I’d check things out.  Now I’d have been quite happy just to have seen Reggie’s speech.  Reggie was known for last minute clutch j’s, so it wasn’t surprising to see him last in the lineup.  But what preceded him was a very special treat.  It was fun watching an appreciative Ralph Samson, Mel Daniels, and Coach Don Nelson bask in the glow of enshrinement.  It was even special watching Jamaal Wilkes go in.  There was a personal connection there from having spent the better part of a couple years regularly in the Lakers locker room in the early 80’s, and I had found Jamaal to be a really great guy in that environment.  But the real treat fell into my lap as I’ve become so basketball avoidant that I didn’t even realize Chet Walker was an inductee as well. Or Jamaal.

    When the 6ers moved from Syracuse, it was a big deal, but there was some hard to describe element of not a big deal in Philly.  The NBA as a whole wasn’t overwhelmingly popular, and the move just didn’t feel like a big deal locally.  Besides that, it wasn’t like Wilt was coming back.  It took a little time to bulid some local identity, but by 1966, this club was ready to dominate.  Following the championship club that year was a true treat.  And Chet was 1 of at least 4 players that now have plaques in Springfield.  Not to mention Coach Alex Hannum, a very respectable nominee for the subject of best coach to ever do that in Philly. GM Jack Ramsay is also in the Hall.  I don’t know if Billy Melchionni ever made the Hall, but in the underpublicized ABA, he put up numbers for a while that were of top player calibre that may have led him there, and even though he played sparingly on that club, but even 4 of 12 players is a helluva Hall ratio.

    So it was a thrill to see Chet head to the podium with Billy C, Earl The Pearl, and Isiah up there to present him.  Chet was a real smooth player, talent best exemplified in isolated one on one deals where he left many defenders in the air while still preparing for a jumper or drive.  He showed wittiness in telling of his involvement in the formation of the Union which led to his looking out at LeBron in the audience and saying, “this allowed to let players take their talents to Cleveland, if they wished.”

    Chet then talked of the ’67 Sixers, and the marvel that was, chastising the 4 letter network for their forgetfulness of that club in discussing greatest teams ever.  Backing him up off the bench was Billy C, and Chet carried forth the tradition by asking Billy, in the middle of his speech, to approach the podium to say a few words.  Billy spoke of dinner in Memphis one night when he, Chet and Luke walked into a restaurant, and the waitress looked at him, and said, “I can only serve you.”  With the universal brotherhood the Association shows these days, it amazes me that I was even alive at times like that.  I ofetn feel old referencing the 1980 Phillies, let alone times like those from a mere 2 decades before.  Billy described Luke as 6’11, 270, which seemed like the 80,000 people that now claim to have been present whe n Wilt jammed for 100.  I recall Luke as 6’9,240, but Billy was there, and besides that, the next time Billy C says something I disgree with will be the first.  A counselor at a summer camp I went to was Bernie Kirsner, Billy’s coach at Erasmus.  I’ll take a connection to an idol however I can get it.

    Chet was later traded, sort of like in Frank Robinson style, straight up for Jimmy Washington.  Jack Ramsay spoiled a golden basketball career with that deal.  In a way, it reminds of how Al Campanis destroyed a tremendous baseball legacy with one bad move.  Wash was a pretty decent player, but he left his special days at Villanova.  Between Chet, and Luke Jackson’s former high school teammate Bob Love, the Bulls finally turned Chitown into a pro basketball town (sorry Zephyrs, apologies, Stags), and laid a foundation that Mike and Scottie took to another level.  I lived in Chicago when the Bulls made it to the Western Conference finals, in the 70’s and remember how abuzz the town was.  Memory tells me Chet was better as a Bull than as a Sixer, and that’s something.

    I knew Chet had settled in SoCal as a producer after his playing days.  Didn’t hear much about him.  It was obvious why Billy was on stage.  Isiah was from Chicago, so you figured there was a connection there, but Chet explained that he had produced an Emmy Award winning documentary on Zeke’s mom, Mary, a lady who Chet said singlehandedly killed off gang life in West Chicago.  Zeke also earned kudos from Reggie Miller for his Pacer coaching stint.  Zeke’s created a lot of hatred for the way he killed the Knicks, but he still has more than enough of a total resume to be thought of well.  Chet explained Earl’s presence on the stage because he was his favorite player.  Not a bad choice whatsoever.  If Earl played at a time when MJ got the exposure he did, he still wouldn’t have matched MJ’s selling skills through personality, and maybe come up short in the over the top competitive spirit, but he’d have been even more celebrated than he was back then.  No more vivid basketball play by play description ever exsisted than Marv’s “Monroe, backs him in, he spins for the jump.”  The YESSSS! was a foregone conclusion.

    Had I known Chet was going in, I’d have been tremendously excited to watch his speech.  Running into it on a spur of the moment made it even that much more special.  I really felt like I’d lived a small scale version of how Lou Gehrig felt, and that was just as a spectator.  It must be a trip and a half approaching the podium to be enetered into a Hall of Fame.  In a way, I have to wonder if maybe that’s even bigger than celebrating a world title with your teammates with champagne everywhere.  Experiencing both must be awesome.                        

  3. Hey Pete, we finally got rid of Lou.

    Our offense has completely rid itself of 1 on 5 basketball and terrible shot selections!


    It’s not bad for one year, but I would still rather find a pure shooter (not a Meeks fan) so Turner or Holiday can have the ball in their hands. Nick Young can sure put ’em up there.

  4. hmmm interesting……
    Like Dude said, the 76ers have an entire team full of short term contracts. Seems like if Iggy goes for picks and young players the team falls into a lottery team who can pick and choose who they want to stay or go. If Iggy stays, they are a underdog in any playoff matchup, and need to hit a home run drafting or sign a high level FA to become a Finals contender.

  5. Just saw this.

    Sixers cut EB and use the cap space on Spencer Hawes and Nick Young. My gut tells me to love this/these move(s). The Hawes deal is reportedly two-years, $13M and the Young contract is one-year, $6M. Those are perfect contracts for both the players and the team’s foreseeable future. They saw an opportunity to bolster an in-between, sixth-seed type roster for 2013 without totally obliterating the first meaningful amount of cap-space (coming next offseason) this team has seen in since signing Brand.

    Firthermore, if you assume that Nik is going to improve a bit and Moultrie can come in and bring anything at all to the table, the loss of Brand isn’t necessarily a killer for our frontline.

    Not too bad. The team didn’t get much better but we’re a bit more athletic, a bit more entertaining and way more fiscally sound.

  6. The more I think about this, the more i feel like the Sixers still see themselves as a growing team, as opposed to one that just needs that one player to get over the edge. Especially when you consider that their only firm contractual obligations after this coming year are:

    Thad: 8.6m
    Igoudala: 15.9m (player option)
    Turner: 6.6m (team option)
    Vucevic: 1.8m (team option)
    Holiday: 3.7m (qualifying offer)

    The following year, all we have is Thad, a qualifying offer on turner, and a team option on vucevic.

    Obviously, there is a lot of flexibility there. More than I initially realized. In that context, if they don’t see themselves giving Igoudala another big contract, and plan on using Harkelss off the bench for now, I can see how it makes sense. Keep rolling with the young player development for one more year, and make a run at the big free agent class next year. I’m cool with that.

    The only major questions I have for the coming season is that I really see igoudala and turner as playing the same position (whatever you want to call it – I prefer point/forward), and I’m not sure where Thad fits in, except as a relativley highly paid sub. We’ll see what the rest of the summer brings tho…

    • I was listeing to wip, and heard from the announcer that Holiday is asking for a max contract. I have no idea what the new cba allows for a max contract….

      • I don’t know what the max is either, but I don’t see how he gets one. I still like his potential, but he’s not there yet. I think it’s a mistake to give him too much yet…

        PS…. Add young Mr. Allen to the list of contracts for next year. At any rate, between him and Nick Young’s one year contract, I think it just reinforces the theme of keeping the options open for a big ticket item next year.

        It will be interesting to see what Lou gets on the open market. I’m glad they let him walk… This team’s calling card needs to be discipline on both ends of the floor, with an extra emphasis on executing defensively. He’s pretty much the opposite of that. Hopefully they’ll start tryin to execute plays in end of game situations rather than just letting Lou or whoever dribble out the clock and hen chuk chuck something up/hope for the foul call.

  7. I just heard on 97.5 that the orlando magic’s main reporter says the 76ers are one of 4 teams talking to them a bout a trade. The Lakers, Nets and I believe rockets are also on the list. I cant imagine the 76ers trading for him. Plus I think the host just said he had back surgery and he said orlando has been blackmailing him. Hes so dramatic ha
    The announcer  (national announcer not one I hear locally) also said many scouts think Harkless may be the gem of the draft. The more I read about him the better the pick sounds.

  8. so what do you guys think about the lineup, without assuming anyone is dealt unless a good deal comes up?
    PG or combo guard: Turner
    SG or PG: Holiday
    SF: Iggy
    PF: Brand and evenrtually Moultrie
    C: Vucovic
    6th man: Harkliss or Young
    special skill: Allen for Defense
    What do you guys think they could get for thad???
    Is AI definitely being dealt before his deals up?
    Could they resign him for less or is that a crazy idea?
    I’d like to see them start Holiday, Turner, Harkliss, Moutlrie and Vukovic and fall into the lottery for a year or 2. Im not sure if they could ever dip into a top 5 pick with that lineup (unless they win the lottery)

    • Random note: Harkless’s HS coach called into 97.5. He said Harkless has a great attitude, had good grades and was the center of the offense in  his junior and senior yr. He said Harkless doesnt force anything and let the offense come to him when it was open. I know his offense was the bigger question mark.

  9. Interesting night. Any word on what that future 1 pick is? Im guessing either a lottery protected or the sixers can choose which 1 they want to give over a period of time
    I guess they really liked moultrie since they basically gave up a 1 and a 2 for him.
    Pete I noticed you left l williams off the projected roster….you are almost 100% sure he wont be back?
    also, what do you guys think T Young could get in a trade?
    Im curious if Vucekic starts the year at center. Maybe Brand will until he s ready. maybe we could deal Brand to a team with 14 million in expiring contracts plus a 2nd rounder after vucevic becomes the starter.

  10. Moe Harkless not being on here was an oversight, but I’d have him at #26…

    Will give the Sixers the full off-season to see what they have planned, but they did nothing to make me think they know what they are doing… 

    • What, you don’t think there’s room on the team for two 3/4 swing men and two point forwards? (insert sarcasm icon here).

      Seriously though, it does leave me with two big questions: Was this Collins’ pick or Thorn’s, and who are the planning on trading ?

      • I will certainly reserve judgement until the off-season is over….but it seems to me that Dre or Turner or Thad have to go. Here is our current depth chart post-draft….

        PG – Jrue Holiday
        SG – Evan Turner
        SF – Andre Iguodala, Mo Harkless
        PF – Elton Brand, Thad Young, Arnett Moultrie
        C – Nik Vucevic, Lavoy Allen

        And really, Turner and Thad are probably more SF than they are SG/PF.

        TONS of athleticism there. Need some shooting and a back-up PG. Think Jameer Nelson would want to come home?

  11. OK, so this happened Tuesday but I just read about it: “The Bobcats dealt veteran small forward Corey Maggette to the Detroit Pistons for shooting guard Ben Gordon and a future first-round draft pick.”
    That’s a quote from this ESPN.com story.

    Clearly it’s a salary dump for the Pistons who are swapping two years and $15.5M of Ben Gordon for one year and $10M of Corey Maggette. But read that sentence again. Corey Maggette (who’s only ever played on one team that won more than 41 games in a season) was just traded for Ben Gordon and a first round pick – and it’s the Pistons, so unless that pick is in the 2023 NBA Draft it’s going to be in the lottery.

    And this just eight days after the Wizards turned the most over paid human on the planet and a 2nd round pick into Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza.

    Look, I know neither of these deals are Rickey Brown and Joe Barry Carroll for Parish and Mchale but two really bad and, by most presumptions, pretty stupid organizations just turned dead bodies into legit rotation players or better.

    That’s something.

  12. Just wondering, what would be the real incentive for the Raptors to make that deal, or were we just throwing out possible scenarios?

    I say that because giving away a young player and your PG for a guy like Iguodala isn’t going to make you suck any less, fill up any more seats or make the team any younger- especially when you consider they are giving away the 8th pick without getting the Sixers’ 15th.

    That said, I still think they can position themselves to have a lot of cap room and young players with experience playing meaningful games two years from now at the latest. Iguodala’s trade value isn’t going anywhere. Let Brand expire and use Iguodala + one of the young guys to jump on the opportunity to get a star (kinda like the Nets did to get DWill) if it presents itself. I think their patience could be rewarded honestly.

    Either way, great job on the writeup, Pete. Tonight will be interesting.

    • Word has been the Raptors are looking for an experienced wing player. I think they are sick of waiting around for draft picks. I think they think they can make a big leap next year with Jonas Valanciunas coming over. They also might go after Steve Nash. 

      Nash, DeRozan, Igoudala, Valanciunas, Bargnani would be a solid line-up

      • Hmmm.

        I guess there’s more room for optimism for the Raptors than I originally thought. Good stuff. 

  13. I’d prefer they keep the team intact and keep adding picks to the team until they find gold.
    2nd choice is to deal iggy and work from that angle.
    I definitely dont want them to sign any free agents (except their own for reasonable contracts ie the same or less than current deals)
    Sorry I cant add anything specifically, I barely saw any college games last year. Next year I will be going to some nova and temple games so maybe Ill have more input then ‘)
    On a completely random note but related to your austin rivers comment etc, I would love if the nba upped the time  a player can join the nba. 2 and down sounds semi reasonable. Its still so hard to tell where a player is after 1 year. Looking back at turners draft, how would it was done again? Wall, Favors and I believe cousins were all 1 and done.

  14. Your igoudala trade scenario is intriguing. I’m comin around to the idea that it may be time to pull the trigger on something like that too. Definitely agree that their best bet other than that is to continue to sit tight and bring ongoing talent..that’s been my take for the last year or so, actually.

    I didn’t have time to watch much college this year, but I’d really love to see us get a big man who can rebound the ball, and hopefully block a shot or two.

    Curious what others think. Is Turner a 2 or a 3? Not based on where his body would logically put him, but based on his skill set. I tend to think 3 the more I see him. I see him as a taller Igoudala in a lot of ways, actually.

      • I’ve heard this said. I’m not sure that I see him as a pure point. He was largely billed as a 2 in the draft, if I recall correctly. I was maybe a bit too black and white in framing the question in terms of 2 or 3, but when I look at him I see an igoudala type player – a point forward with a very similar skill set… Not as polished yet, but with possibly more potential.

  15. Another disconcerting thing about Moultrie, when the Sixers had him in for a workout on Saturday I asked him about the blocks and he said it was something he hasn’t worked on at all…he did say he would work on it once he got drafted but it kind of gave off the impression he didn’t really take his weaknesses seriously…it’s at the 1:40 mark


    I like what he brings to the table with his rebounding but most of those other big guys block shots and shoot it from deep better than him (even Henson shot the corner 3 well in the workout, not that the Sixers would be asking that of him). If Vuc develops like we’d like him to I think Henson would be a great fit as a defensive presence.

    Also, I know it’s unlikely, but if there is any chance the Sixers could pull off a deal and get to 2 by giving up Iggy but they don’t and draft a SG at 15 I’d be disappointed. To elaborate on what you wrote about Beal, Pete, he’s probably the most skilled player to ever play for Billy Donovan (I’d put him ahead of Noah and Horford even though he was only there for one season and didn’t win a championship).The only weaknesses in his game last season were early turnover troubles which he corrected and not shooting the 3 as well as advertised (this can partly be blamed on the fact that he played the 3 all year for the Gators and in the NBA he will definitely be a 2). By the end of the season he was shooting better (if you haven’t seen it he has a great stroke), and he was the best rebounding guard in the country. The more I read about Terrence Ross the more I like him and wouldn’t be upset if that is who the Sixers end up with at 15. But if there is any chance they can get to 2 (Washington will take Beal at 3 if he’s there) I think Beal would be a great compliment to Jrue and Turner.

    • They aren’t mine Chuck, I like ND, Nova, Temple, St Joes and Kansas

      Feel free to express why I have them overrated though, like I said 9-15 is pretty interchangeable. Henson I might have higher than most due to the Sixers need for interior D. 

      And no, “I’m a Duke fan” doesn’t count as analysis… 

  16. I like the Raptors trade and I’d even run with Davis at C for some serious interior D and athletic lineup

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